Friday, April 23, 2010

Financial Crisis 102

In this follow-on interview, with Terry Gross, Michael Greenberger explains more about the financial crisis and why it was so important to bail out AIG.

Financial Crisis 101

Two years after the financial melt-down, the US is now starting to address the problems that led up to it. The issues are complex, but not beyond our ken, and I think it's critical to understand them so we can influence government to do the right thing.

In this fascinating April 2008 interview with Terry Gross on "Fresh Air", Michael Greenberger* explains in simple terms (that even I can understand) the basis of our current financial crisis and the "shadow system" of financial derivative products. After two years, it's still the best basic explanation I've heard. See what you think.

* Michael Greenberger is a professor of law at U. Maryland and a former director of Trading and Markets at the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission.